Amilla claims title of most ethical burger in Maldives

The eithical burger by Amilla Maldives. PHOTO: AMILLA MALDIVES

Amilla Resort and Residences, Maldives – Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences has curated what could possibly be the most ethical burger in Maldives.

The burger is suitable for guests that follow a low carb and gluten-free lifestyle.

According to a press statement by Amilla, their new burger is a better choice while retaining the comfort food status.

Giving details about the burger, the 5-star luxury resort revealed detailed information on how the ingredients are sourced from the almond flaxseed roll, banana ketchup, beef patty, bacon to the Maldivian rocket or kulha fila fai and fried egg.

Amilla’s Executive Chef, Kaviraj Doolum, said that it was a true joy to work with food that comes from people who are passionate about their land and caring for their flock, and added that you can taste the difference in the end product.

“I am also blessed to have access to vegetables and eggs with zero air miles, direct from the resort’s gardens” 

This latest venture of Amilla came soon after the resort’s “Wellness Your Way” program that offered guests the opportunity to follow their own path to wellness through special menus catered to various lifestyles. Additionally, the resort had recently announced its decision to move towards ethically sourced, hormones and antibiotic-free meat supplies.