Police warns of action against spreading of hatred regarding security services

Maldives Police officers | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives — Maldives Police Service has warned that action will be taken against those who spread hatred against the security services of the country

The statement comes at a time when local social media spaces are being filled with accusations claiming officers of Maldives Police Service abused Ali Shafiu, a Maldivian held at an Afghanistan jail, during their visit to the jail.

Ali Shafiu was arrested in Afghanistan with his wife and four kids.

Later in 2019, both Ali Shafiu and his wife were convicted of terrorism, which resulted in an Afghanistan Court sentencing Ali Shafiu for 21 years and his wife for 20 years in jail. However, no official authorities have detailed what happened to their children.

While a special Police investigation team was sent to Afghanistan on February 2019 regarding this matter, Police stated that there are multiple accusations on social media saying that Police officers had tortured and communicated inappropriately with Ali Shafiu.

We assure that Police has done nothing that would violate basic human rights in any work Police Officers carried out regarding this matter.

Maldives Police Service | Statement

Maldives Police Service said that investigations would be carried out, followed by strictest possible measures allowed within the law against anyone who creates hatred regarding the employees of security services and talks in a manner which may endanger the life of such an employee.