Asra requests PG Office not to prosecute MP Easa

Former Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs and Member of Parliament of Kendhikulhudhoo constituency Ahmed Easa | Photo: Parliament of Maldives

Malé, Maldives – Wife of MP of Kedhikulhudhoo Constituency Ahmed Easa, Asra Naseem sent a letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office, requesting not to prosecute MP Easa as she raised the charges against him in anger during a volatile argument.

An official from the Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed that a letter was sent to the office from Asra Naseem for the aforementioned reason. However, specific details of the letter are yet to be revealed. She previously appealed to the police as well, but her request was turned down by the authority.

Asra told that she wanted to drop the case but police had said that the case would go on regardless of whether she wanted to or not because it was a criminal charge which was brought against MP Easa. Police further added that such charges cannot be dropped based on someone request.

MP Easa’s trial has been scheduled at the Criminal Court for this coming Monday. Asra requests for the case to be dropped without a court trial as she believes that it will be injustice for the parliamentarian.

Asra states that she was being influenced by her emotions when she registered the complaint as they got into a heated argument after she found out that MP Easa has a close relationship with another woman. She further detailed the incident in her latest statement to the police and that she wants their child to be prioritised in the case.

MP Easa allegedly attacked his wife at the time, Asra Naeem (Asoo) during May 2021, who is also the younger sister of Vice President of Maldives, Faisal Naseem and allegedly threatened to throw their child out of the balcony during the incident. Asra, after giving her statements to Police, stated in a Facebook post that the experience is something she never expected to go through.

While the parliamentary committee was unable to vote on his dismissal due to an incomplete quorum, MP Easa resigned from the position of Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs, while maintaining that there is no wrongdoing on his part.

He also released a statement announcing his resignation from the post following the allegations and that he fully cooperates with the police and relevant authorities. He also assured the public and especially the people of his constituency that goes against the constitution, rules and regulations of the Maldives.

MDP’s statement also noted that the MDP majority Parliament and relevant committees have begun efforts to monitor the investigation and to decide on initial actions to be taken against MP Easa regarding the current allegations he faces.