CP Hameed meets Turkish Police in his Turkey trip

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed | Photo: Raajje.mv

Male’, Maldives – Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameedh has met with the Police of Turkey during his trip in Turkey.

According to Maldivian Police Administration, CP Hameed left for Turkey on June 15 for the purpose of meeting national police officers of Turkey.

Discussions have already been held between the two countries to find more educational opportunities for Maldivian Police officers from Turkish Police and to improve the relationship between the two authorities through policies.

Along with this, Maldivian Police also informed that CP Hameedh has discussed with Turkish authorities to find ways to stop Maldivians from traveling to Syria through Turkey.

Sources inform that CP Hameedh was accompanied by the Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Riyaz in his trip to Turkey.