AG’s comments on “deliberate mistakes” connected to negligence in drug case: CP Hameed

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – The Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed on Wednesday stated that Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath’s comment that there are police officers who make deliberate mistakes is related to negligence by two police officers during a drug case.

Speaking to local news Mihaaru, CP Hameed stated that two police officers were negligent in fulfilling a task while executing a court order in a drug case involving a popular gang leader.

While the police commissioner mentioned negligence by the officers, he reiterated that there had been no cases where police officers deliberately exploited loopholes to benefit specific suspects.

CP Hameed stated that since the police are part of society with relationships with suspects the possibility of purposeful mistakes does exist as it does in other countries.

The Attorney General made the statement to the Parliament Judiciary Committee in March 2022, stating that there are police officers who know the system well and exploit loopholes on purpose while Home Minister Imran denied this and said that there are no officers who purposefully commit wrongful acts.

While police have been accused previously of such acts, Maldives Police Service has always adamantly denied that police officers deliberately botch cases to assist suspects.