Education Ministry brings Arabic and Quran teachers from India

Maldivian Voshufilaa | Photo: ARC

Malé, Maldives – The Indian High Commission in the Maldives has initiated a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Maldives and India for human resource recruitment and brought Arabic and Quran teachers to Maldives for the Maldives Ministry of Education.

According to Indian news The Hindhu, the first batch of teachers from India are already in the Maldives under the field agency of the Department of Non-Resident Keralites (NoRKA). NoRKA is also responsible for recruiting 400 healthcare professionals required for the Maldives healthcare system. The Health Ministry of Maldives is looking to recruit 100 medical officers, 100 specialists and 150 registered nurses.

Rohit Rathish, Deputy Commissioner from India to Maldives told The Hindhu that the recruitments are aimed at increasing the reliability of candidates and government to government relations.

“This is part of a new dynamism emerged after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih took over and the strong vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to foster ties between the two countries and collaborate in large sectors,” said Rohit Rathish, Deputy High Commissioner to the Maldives.

India is the largest donor country to the Maldives with a total of MVR 7,836 million given as bilateral grants within the period of 2012 till 2023. Out of this, a total of MVR 7,754.1 million will be given between 2018 and 2023.

According to the Indian High Commission in Maldives, at present, both countries are executing a total of nine projects, mainly in the connectivity and infrastructure domain, worth USD 1,240 million, under three different lines of credit extended to the Maldives.

Out of this, five projects are at the tendering state with the Ministry of Finance, with contracts of these projects expected to be awarded within the next six months.

Among the projects are, establishing water supply and sewerage systems across 34 different islands of the country, development of an international cricket stadium in Hulhumalé, development of a port in Gulhifalhu, as well as the Greater Malé connectivity project, along with the relocation of the cancer hospital from Hulhumalé to Laamu Atoll and the redevelopment of Hanimaadhoo International Airport.

In addition to these, the Maldivian government has also requested to include the development of Gan International Airport, located in Addu, among the projects listed under the line of credit extended by the Indian government to the Maldives.