Police investigate “India Out” graffiti on Funadhoo School wall

"India Out" slogans graffitied on Sh. Funadhoo School walls | Photo: Social Media

Shaviyani Atoll, Maldives – The Maldives Police Service confirmed today that they are investigating the case of “India Out” and “Say No to India” graffiti on Sh. Funadhoo school walls.

The Funadhoo Island Council President Ahmed Ibrahim Fulhu states that the words were graffitied sometime last night, this was not an act of an islander.

Currently, political activists belonging to three political parties are running campaigns for the parliamentary seat of Sh. Komandhoo, with some visiting Funadhoo island.

Last week, opposition leader and ex President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom visited the island and urged the islanders to write “India Out” on the walls of their home.

I recommend writing what is on your t-shirts [the “India Out” phrase] on the walls of your homes.

Opposition Leader Yameen Abdul Gayyoom

However, the island council President states that the vandalism on the schools were not the action of a Funadhoo local. Instead he points to the incumbent MDP government.

This is a planned act orchestrated by the incumbent government.

Funadhoo Island Council President Ahmed Ibrahim Fulhu

The public is urging political parties to leave schools out of politics on social media.

Education Ministry meanwhile has condemned the act and stated that harassment of Indian school teachers have increased recently. In a statement regarding the Funadhoo School incident, the Education Ministry said that Indian teachers are asking schools to ensure their safety.

The Ministry stated that Indian teachers have been teaching in Maldivian schools for generations and politicized actions may lead to irreparable damages to students.

Education Ministry pledged to ensure the safety of foreign teachers working in the Maldives and condemned harassment of foreign teachers as cowardly acts.