No response from Police on ‘May 6’ Committee’s request for a meeting

Police officers seen guarding the entrance to ADK hospital where Speaker Mohamed Nasheed is being treated following the injuries he suffered after an explosive was set off near his car on May 6, 2021 | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives —The “May 6” Committee put to gether to monitor the inquiry work on the terror attack against Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed stated yesterday that the Police has not agreed or even responded to the letter they sent requesting for a meeting with the higher authorities of Police department.

Speaking at the meeting held last night by the May 6 Committee, members of MDP questioned whether the investigation on the bomb attack on Speaker Nasheed is on track, and whether the Committee has met and discussed matters with Police.

Responding to the questions, Chairperson of May 6 Committee, Hassan Afeef noted that the Committee sent a letter to Police requesting for a meeting, however, with no response yet received.. On the other hand, Afeef stated that MNDF has given a date and time for them tto hold a meeting.

Despite receiving no response from Police, Afeef stated that the Committee’s effort for inquiry will not cease and they are still hoping to receive a chance to hold a meeting with the Police authorities. Afeef stated that a say on how the inquiry is going can only be given after they meet the Police.

The 241 Parliamentary Committee is also investigating into the security breach of the Speaker following the terror attack. Defence Minister Mariya Didi, Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdullah Shamaal and Vice Chief of Defence Force Brigadier General Abdul Raheem Abdul Latheef were summoned to the 241 Committee for inquiry.

The committee also summoned several other authorities and personnel to the committee for questioning regarding the May terror attack. This includes Home Minister Imran Abdullah, Director General of Counter Terrorism Center Brigadier General Zakariyya Mansoor, Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, Police Director of Counter Terrorism Superintendent of Police Fareed Ismail as well as Speaker Nasheed’s bodyguards.

While a total of 4 individuals have been arrested so far in direct connection to May 6, all of them indicating radicalisation, Police has no revealed any details on investigating over who funded the bomb attack.