Police fire 3 officers for brutality in Naifaru

Police making arrest in Lh. Naifaru | Photo: Dhidaily

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has decided to fire three officers and demote two for police brutality in Lh. Naifaru.

Police media official said, giving information to local media Mihaaru, that the decision was taken on the 22nd of this month. They added that the officers have a 7 day window, excluding public holidays to appeal the punishment to a higher authority.

Munthasiru Mohamed, the victim of the police brutality, reported the incident and the injuries he got to the police station following which a team of policemen arrived to further investigate the matter. The incident caused outcries within the island as well leading to face-offs between the police and locals. 5 people were arrested from the protest.

Munthasiru was accused of having harassed a policeman’s wife which he denied. He said that he received a call from an unknown number that night asking him to come outside. Following that, around 10 policemen arrived in cycles according to him. He further explained that the policemen first stopped a bit further away and that he could identify them only after going there.

He then said that the policemen took him with them “to have a conversation”, however physically beat him near the southern side of the island. He also said that they later took him near the landfill and beat him up even more. He noted that one of the punches caused him to fall to the ground following which they continued to kick and beat him.

Munthasiru said that he constantly asked them what he had done wrong however, they gave no answer. He also received treatment for the injuries later at the hospital.

Munthasir’s friends and family had a conflict with the police the following day, trying to clarify what actually happened. The wife of the policeman said that she does not know anything about it either. More conflict followed this incident causing chaos within the island with pictures and videos circulating in social media of police brutality.