Professional Standards Command investigate allegations of police brutality against minor in Addu City

Police operation | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Addu City, Maldives – The Maldives Police Service (MPS) today stated that the Professional Standards Command department is investigating allegations of police brutality of a minor in the Maradhoofeydhoo district of Addu City.

The investigation is initiated regarding a social media video of a 15 year old boy stating that he was brutalized by the police. The police allegedly handcuffed the teen with unwarranted force without any court warrants.

The police allegedly released the teen after a mob formed hearing the commotion. The video depicts a few police officers and the teen in shorts with the videographer asking who hit the boy’s head on the wall. The boy points to someone out of the screen and says “Zedey.”

[The police officer] handcuffed me and said “Theres nothing you can do.”

Police state that the incident is being investigated and action will be taken if actions were taken by any officer which is against the Police Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.