Criminal Court fines Maldives Police Service by MVR 3000

Maldives Police Service | Photo: The Edition

Malé, Maldives – The Criminal Court of Maldives yesterday fined Maldives Police Service by MVR 3000 for contempt of court.

A police officer was fined during a remand hearing regarding a drug case after disrespecting the court proceedings more than once.

Presiding Judge Dheebanaz Fahmy first advised the police officer after the officer was found eating in court, to return after cleaning their mouth. After returning to the court the officer left again without permission.

Judge Dheebanaz Fahmy ruled that this was in contempt of court and fined the Maldives Police Service by MVR 3000.

Contempt of Court in the Maldives law can be punishable for upto 15 days in jail or a month in house arrest, with a fine of upto MVR 10,000.