Further reclamation of Addu will be unnecessary for next 50 years: Nizar

Ali Nizar, MDP candidate for Mayor of Addu City | Photo: Addu Live

Addu City, Maldives – Mayor of Addu City, Ali Nizar stated that the lands of Addu City will be reclaimed such that it will not be necessary to reclaim further land in the next 50 years.

Nizar made this statement speaking at the online meeting held last night to inform the people of Addu City regarding the city’s Land Use Master Plan.

I say, for the next 50 years, the lands of Addu should not be reclaimed again. While 230 hectares of land are being reclaimed, there should be no reason for land reclamation again within the said amount of years.

Mayor of Addu City, Ali Nizar

Mayor Nizar stated that the purpose of the government to take a massive loan and reclaim land at once instead of doing it separately in years is due to the environmental problems Addu has has to endure.

Indian High Commission in Maldives informed recently that they have decided to assign the land reclamation project for four different sites of Addu City to four different companies. This project is being carried out under a Line of Credit Facility worth USD 800 million, extended by the Indian government.

In order to preserve and protect the natural environment, a one-off land reclamation and shore protection project is proposed to create a land area of approximately 228 hectares. The proposed reclamation is to be used for residential, commercial, and industrial development purposes in Hithadhoo, Hulhudhoo/Meedhoo (38 hectares including two island resorts of 5 hectares each), and Maradhoo/Maradhoo-Feydhoo (75 hectares).

The reclamation of land in Addu is an important pledge of the Government of President Ibu Solih. In order to boost the economy and attract private investments into Addu City through tourism, fishing, retail and wholesale trading, the Government of Maldives has embarked on the “Addu Development Project (ADP)”. The city has the potential to become a modern economic hub in the South of Maldives.