Violent protests erupt in Addu City Feydhoo demanding the resignation of Mayor Nizar

Mayor of Addu City, Ali Nizar at the protest. | Photo: AdduLive

Addu City, Maldives – Citizens of S. Feydhoo called for the resignation of the Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar this Sunday, for transporting trap rocks in Feydhoo to the Police Academy being built by India.

While the trap rocks were brought during former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s presidency to place in the reclaimed land of Feydhoo, they were being transported to the Police Academy being built by India in Hithadhoo on Sunday morning.

This outraged the citizens of Feydhoo, followed by a protest in Feydhoo link road this Sunday, where the citizens accused Mayor Nizar engineering the task.

Source: Social Media

Mayor Nizar, Deputy Mayor, Mohamed Shuaau along with Feydhoo Councillor, Ibrahim Faisal shortly arrived to the protesting area, attempting to speak to the public, however, was interrupted with demands to bring back the trap rocks that were taken to the Police Academy.

During the protest, the citizens in the area called onto Mayor Nizar, who was elected with a major lead, to resign from his position. While some people even attempted to attack Mayor Nizar, he was given protection by the Police throughout the incident. Mayor Nizar later left the area after the protestors asserted that they do not wish to hear Mayor Nizar speaking.