Ministry requests to inform changes being brought to higher education facilities

Maldives National University (MNU)’s Hithadhoo branch. | Photo: MNU - Hithadhoo Campus.

Malé, Maldives – Higher Education Ministry of Maldives requests all higher education facilities on Thursday to inform the changes they bring to their facilities.

A statement released by the Higher Education Ministry read that it is the Ministry’s responsibility to handle the information that are related to the higher education facilities registered under them.

The Ministry stated that any important changes brought to the facility, such as changes in management, ownership, campus, outreach center, address, phone number and even email address should be informed to the Ministry, along with the documents signed by the ownership and other relevant authorities agreeing to the changes as mentioned on the “Act for Registering and Operating Educational Facilities.”

This applies for colleges and institutes registered under the Higher Education Ministry as well.

According to Sector 14 of this Act, if these rules are violated, Higher Education Ministry receives the right to fine or in necessary cases, close down the education facility. The Act states that neither the Ministry nor the government will be responsible in situations where the facility has to be closed down.