Police looks into complaint raised by Indian High Commission in Maldives

Indian High Commission office in Malé | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service looks into the complaint filed by the Indian Commission against those “attacking” the dignity of the Indian High Commission, employees and delegates.

MP for Maradhoo constituency and Chairperson for National Security and Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament Ibrahim Shareef sent out a tweet condemning “the violent threats made against the Indian High Commission on social media”, revealing that the Maldives Police Service is currently investigating the matter.

MP Shareef noted that India is the closest neighbor and ally of Maldives and therefore, any kind of violent rhetoric cannot be tolerated against them.

We must ensure the safety of all diplomatic missions.

MP for Maradhoo constituency

A letter was sent to the Foreign Ministry of Maldives on Thursday stating that “such repeated attacks on the dignity of the High Commission, the Head of the Mission and members of the diplomatic staff can affect the efficient performance of the functions of the High Commission and can damage the time-tested and mutually beneficial bilateral relations between India and the Maldives.”

The High Commission states they are concerned by the recent recurring articles and social media posts attacking the dignity of the High Commission, the Head of the Mission, and members of the diplomatic staff by certain sections of the local media. They noted that the attacks are motivated, malicious and increasingly personal.

Additionally, the Commission expressed their opinion that these repeated attacks are undertaken to create enmity and hatred between the people and the Government of Maldives and the people and Government of India. They added that the articles and social media posts are attempts to incite hatred and violence against India, High Commission and members of its diplomatic staff.

The Indian High Commission in their letter to the Foreign Ministry, requested to ensure enhanced protection of the premises of the Mission, residence of High Commissioner and residences of other diplomats, and prevent any attack on his/their person, freedom and dignity, and prevent any disturbances to the peace of the Mission or impairment of its dignity in accordance with relevant articles of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961). 

They also requested to take action in accordance with International Law and Maldivian Law, against the perpetrators for the quoted violations of the Vienna Convention.

Quoting Article 29 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), the High Commission convicted the social media posts ruining the reputation of the authority, requesting for strict action to be taken.