MP Shareef criticized for using his position to twist facts

MP of Maradhoo Constituency Ahmed Shareef (Mavota) | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives –MP for Villimale’ Constituency, Ahmed Usham criticizes MP for Maradhoo constituency, Ibrahim Shareef for using his position to twist facts simply because he does not agree with it.

As the Chair of the Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, MP Shareef tweeted stating that he strongly condemns the violent threats made against the Indian High Commission on social media and called on the Maldives Police to investigate the matter. However, he did not clarify what the threats were.

MP Usham responded MP Shareef’s tweet and stated that No one is calling for violence against Indian High Commission or their officials. Adding that campaigning for the expulsion of Indian military from Maldives is not a call for violence.

MP Usham called onto MP Shareef to stop using his position to twist facts just because he does not agree with the India Out campaign going on in Maldives.

A complaint was filed by the Indian High Commission in Maldives recently those who are “attacking” the dignity of the Indian High Commission, employees and delegates.

The Indian High Commission states they are concerned by the recent recurring articles and social media posts attacking the dignity of the High Commission, the Head of the Mission, and members of the diplomatic staff by certain sections of the local media. They noted that the attacks are motivated, malicious and increasingly personal.

Additionally, the Commission expressed their opinion that these repeated attacks are undertaken to create enmity and hatred between the people and the Government of Maldives and the people and Government of India. They added that the articles and social media posts are attempts to incite hatred and violence against India, High Commission and members of its diplomatic staff.