AA. Maalhos council to give gift boxes to newly registered babies

Maalhos School Students | Photo: Boalha.mv

AA. Maalhos, Maldives – AA. Maalhos Island Council announced that they have decided to send gift to boxes to newborns that get registered in the island’s registrar.

The new regulations publicised by the island council state that the gift boxes will include items needed by newborns worth between MVR 350 and MVR 500 and that the gift box will be wrapped.

These gift boxes will be given to each newborn that registers in the island’s registry. Newborns who are born in the island, but do not register, will not be eligible for the gift box.

However, kids who migrate from other islands and are below 1 year of age, are also eligible. Their birth certificate, copy of the birth registry must be submitted to the council and the baby must be included in the island registry as a citizen of the island.

Giving gift boxes to newborn has been a pledge of the current government, however, it has not yet been implemented nationwide.