Maldivian arrested in Sri Lanka for Mt. Lavinia Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Protestors hold boards calling for justice | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives — Sri Lankan Police has informed that on Sunday, they arrested a Maldivian along with 3 Sri Lankan nationals during the bust of the Mt. Lavinia Child Sex Trafficking Ring.

Police Spokesperson Senior DIG Ajith Rohana speaking to News 1st said that the suspects were arrested for exploiting a 15 year old for prostitution.

Sri Lankan Police informed that most recently the three Sri Lankans arrested regarding the case are two men operated the website used for the child’s prostitution on, a manager of a hotel in Sri Lanka and a Maldivian.

Sri Lankan Police has not yet revealed the accusation over the Maldivian that was arrested, nor have they informed the identity of the individual.

Up to date, a total of 32 people, including the child’s mother, have been arrested over different accusations of being involved in the case. 12 more suspects have been identified for committing statutory rape

According to the Police, the child’s mother is involved among those who have the strongest charges against them. Other people majorly accused of the illicit act consists of an auto-driver, car driver, pope jewellery business owner, a captain of a ship and several crew members, and the Deputy-Chairman of the Mihintale Pradeshiya Sabha.

Investigation on this case so far reveals that an online website and social media platforms were used in taking advantage of the child.

Police Spokesperson Senior DIG Ajith Rohana

The aforementioned statement was said after Sri Lankan Police managed to arrest people for the first time regarding the case on June 7. Police informed that over a three months period, the child was handed to multiple people and taken advantage of in return for money.

The 15 year old female victim was exploited by various people for three months before the operation was raided by the Sri Lankan Police.