Work permit holders arriving in Maldives must pay for their own quarantine expenses: HEOC

repatriate airport
Expats being repatriated by the National Airline, Maldivian. | Photo: Maldivian

Malé, Maldives – Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) has stated that from today onwards, the work permit holders who arrive to Maldives must pay for their own quarantine expenses.

Although work permit holders were initially banned from entering the Maldives due to the surge in the number of Covid-19 cases in South Asia, the authorities recently decided to allow work permit holders to enter Maldives with mandatory quarantine measures as a gradual decease in the number of Covid-19 cases are seen in the country.

A statement released from the Health Ministry on Sunday said that opportunities are open to make an appointment at a guesthouse or hotel for foreigners to quarantine once they arrive to the Maldives.

While work permit holders will begin to enter Maldives starting from the upcoming Wednesday, Health Ministry stated that the quarantine expenses required to pay can only be confirmed after the workers choose their place to stay.

Initially, the work permit holders, who arrive to the Maldives had the option to quarantine at the place of their consent or at their living space. However, as the Ministry received multiple complaints from citizens saying that the migrants were not adhering to the quarantine guidelines, the Ministry announced that work permit holders are required to stay at a hotel or guesthouse for their quarantine period and must pay for their own quarantine expenses as well.