Indian High Commission expressed concerns, did not request investigation: MP Rozaina

MP of Addu City, Meedhoo Constituency, Rozaina Adam | Photo: Parliament

Malé, Maldives –Chairperson of Independent Commission, MP Rozaina Adam has stated that the Indian High Commission did not ask for an investigation following the threats they received on social media, but only expressed their concerns over the hatred.

Indian High Commission requested the Foreign Ministry of Maldives to look into the issue of local media ‘Dhiyares’ for igniting the social media hatred through posts about diplomatic missions and diplomats. Followed by this, the issue was later sent to the Maldives Media Council (MMC) by MP Rozeyna as the Chairperson of Parliament’s Independent Commission.

A meeting was held in the Independent Commissions with the members of MMC, where MP Rozaina stated that the Indian High Commission did not ask her to investigate the matter and that they only shared concerns over the hatred being spread.

However, MP Rozaina stated that social media posts attacking the dignity of the High Commission, the Head of the Mission, and members of the diplomatic staff by certain sections of the local media that are malicious must be investigated by MMC.

We are not looking into the matter because it is about a certain person or country. We have always been working with Media Council to make media work responsibly.

MP Rozaina Adam, Chairperson of Parliament Independent Commission

The statement from MP Rozaina comes after MP for Villimale’ Constituency, Ahmed Usham stated that the letter sent by the Parliament to MMC stated that Deputy High Commissioner Rohith Rathish unofficially presented an issue to the Parliament’s Independent Commission, which was requested to be looked into by Chairperson Rozaina.

Noting that the people in charge of foreign matters have certain guidelines to do things, MP Usham stated that it is a serious issue if the Parliament’s Committee is looking into complaints that come from ways other than diplomatic channels.

Former MP of Hithadhoo and Retired Brigadier General of MNDF, Ibrahim Mohamed Didi earlier also criticized MP of Addu Meedhoo constituency and Chairperson of Independent Commission, Rozaina Adam’s decision to call on an investigation without discussing is with the remaining committee members, concerning the issues raised by the Indian High Commission.

Retired Brigadier General of MNDF, Ibrahim Mohamed Didi stated that it is a saddening matter for the parliament to make a decision on something that was not decided by the committee. He said that the decision of Rozaina “shows signs of parliamentary dictatorship.”

Didi stated that for the Parliament to get involved in such a matter is like the Parliament getting involved in executive work.

However, MP Rozaina defended her decision by saying that sending official letters to independent associations without a committee decision was done several times previously as well, noting that the letter to MMC was sent under those guidelines.

Indian High Commission sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry of Maldives on Thursday stating that “such repeated attacks on the dignity of the High Commission, the Head of the Mission and members of the diplomatic staff can affect the efficient performance of the functions of the High Commission and can damage the time-tested and mutually beneficial bilateral relations between India and the Maldives.”

Additionally, the Commission expressed their opinion that these repeated attacks are undertaken to create enmity and hatred between the people and the Government of Maldives and the people and Government of India. They added that the articles and social media posts are attempts to incite hatred and violence against India, High Commission and members of its diplomatic staff.

On July 4, the Maldives Journalist Association and Maldives Editor’s Guild has also expressed concern over the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Commissions’ investigation regarding the media coverage in connection to Indian High Commission.