PPM will not follow Nasheed: Abduraheem

PPM is not a party who will follow or get behind Speaker Nasheed, says opposition.

Leader of PNC, former MP Abdulraheem spoke to local media “Mihaaru” to discuss President Nasheed’s comments about asking for help from opposition. Abdulraheem said PPM is not a party who will blindly follow Nasheed or any deal he makes. “Neither PPM nor President Yameen is going to go into a blind deal with Nasheed. We are not interested in Nasheed and Ibu’s quarrel.”

President Nasheed yesterday announced his political departure from President Solih’s coalition. He said he would prefer working with opposition PPM if it means he can get religious moderation in the country. He also said religious extremism has found its roots inside the government coalition.

President Nasheed and Solih, lifelong friends have been not on the same page for more than a year now. Nasheed has publicly announced he wants to change the presidency into parliamentary system and wants to be Prime Minister. President Solih’s response was that is something he has no authority to do so, and will be decided only with a citizens’ vote.