Nasheed to seek Yameen’s help to create coalition with PPM

Former Presidents Mohamed Nasheed and Yameen Abdul Gayyoom | Photo: The Press

Malé, Maldives – Former President and Current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on Thursday, said that creating a coalition government consisting of MDP and PPM is the best thing for the country and MDP itself, at the moment.

Speaker Nasheed expressed his thoughts in a message to MDP members today. Nasheed stated that he wants to request Former President and leader of the opposition Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom for help in creating a PPM/MDP coalition.

Stating that some MDP and PPM members misunderstood his previous message, Nasheed said that certain changes are to be brought to PPM and that these changes should be advocating against India out policy, supporting the bill on amendments to criminalize hate crimes and should come to an agreement on music. Nasheed noted that he wants to create a MDP/PPM coalition that agrees on the aforementioned conditions.

Speaker Nasheed previously stated that he can no longer maintain a political relationship with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and that he is willing to get assistance from former President Yameen and the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

Nasheed sent a message to a WhatsApp group with several MDP members yesterday, saying that he does not have a problem with President Solih and that they will not have one. However, he added that there are conflicts in their mindsets which is why he cannot have a political relationship with President Solih. Nasheed added that his personal relationship with the President will remain the same.