Repeated traffic violation to be met with license cancellation

Vehicles on the road of Male' | Photo: Corporate Maldives

Malé, Maldives – The Transport Authority on Friday, has amended their regulations to cancel the licenses of those who repeatedly violate traffic rules, specifically those related to parking.

The previous regulations requires a fine only for illegal parking and driving. Licenses could be terminated or suspended only for violations such as reckless driving. However, the new regulations implemented by the authority awards 100 points to each license which will be deducted with each traffic violation.

The new regulations require for a deduction of 5 points for illegal parking, while 10 points is to be deducted for each time a one-way road sign is disregarded by a driver more than once. 10 points can also be deducted for any other violations as well, if repeated more than once.

In addition to this, points can be deducted for speeding as well. If repeated more than once, the license can be suspended for 48 and if faulted for an accident, the license can be suspended for 7 days.

The regulations states that the license will be automatically terminated if the points reach zero. Once terminated, the license can be obtained again after 180 days. However, the person must go through all the tests and formalities before obtaining a license.

If a person is caught driving while the license has been terminated, the driver as well as the owner of the vehicle will be fined by an adequate amount and the vehicle can be confiscated for 15 days.

Furthermore, the new regulations allows licenses obtained in foreign countries to be used in Maldives for 90 days. However, this rule is applicable for licenses obtained in countries accepted by the Transport Authority.