Issuance of license and registration to commence on Sunday

Self collection station for issuing license and registration | photo: Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

Malé, Maldives – Transport Ministry announced that the issuance of driving license and vehicle registration will commence this Sunday after it was previously stopped due to Covid-19 restrictions in Malé.

The Ministry tweeted saying that the issuance of driving licenses in addition to vehicle registration as well as some maritime services will commence Sunday.

The issuance of licenses was previously suspended temporarily as a precautionary measure amidst the developing Covid-19 situation in the capital. The authority then faced a lot of criticism from the public following the decision including a protest inside the office.

The protestors who were armed with posters and boards called on the government to restart the issuing of licenses, even if it is as per the Health Protection Agency (HPA) guidelines, as well as to put an end to hefty fines charged for driving without a license.

They also criticized the delays in the provision of other services of the authority, such as the several month-long delays in receiving the license card after passing the requirements, as well as not being able to reach the authority via phone.

Maldives Transport Authority later decided to commence the issuance of license and registrations through a digitized station where customers can self-collect licenses and registration.

As per current regulations, operating a roadside vehicle without a valid drivers license would result in a fine of MVR 1,000, while not carrying a valid drivers license while operating the vehicle will result in a fine of MVR 750 even if a license has been issued in one’s name.