Air India arranges special flights to Malé

Air India flight which brought the first shipment of Covid-19 vaccine to Maldives | Photo: Jazeera

Malé, Maldives – Air India on Tuesday, has announced their plans to arrange new nonstop flights between Mumbai and India.

The new flights will commence from 28 July onwards. The India flag carrier, Air India will have continuous flights to Malé every Wednesday and Saturday.

All tourists, including those who have completed the prescribed dose(s) of Covid-19 vaccines, need to carry a negative result for a nucleic acid test (PCR test) with a sample taken within 96 hours prior to departure to the Maldives from the first port of embarkation en-route to the Maldives. Children below one-year-old are exempt from the requirement of the PCR test.

Maldives opened its borders to South Asian arrivals on 15 July 2021 after the island destination temporarily stopped issuing tourist visas to South Asian tourists on 13 May 2021 due to the deteriorating Covid-19 situation in the region. This includes the top source tourist markets India. Tourists from this region may stay at resorts.

Travellers entering the Maldives from South Asian countries are not permitted to stay at tourist facilities in inhabited islands until 30 July 2021.