Tourist arrested with bullets in VIA to be deported from Maldives

| Photo: Maldives Immigration

Male’, Maldives –The tourist from Namibia who was arrested at Velana International Airport for possession of bullets has been released from Police Custody and are to be deported from Maldives.

On July 10, Maldives Police Service arrested a 60 year old tourist at Velana International Airport (VIA) for possession of bullet. When he was presented to the Criminal Court, the court ordered to remand the tourist in custody for three days.

After the remanded date ended on July 14, Police released him from custody and handed him over to the Immigration Department for Deportation.

While importing bullets and using bullets without authorization is illegal in Maldives, Police refrained from revealing the type of bullets found from the Namibian and how many bullets he had in possession. Police stated that it is still not clear of how he obtained the bullets; whether he brought them to Maldives when he entered or whether he obtained them while he was here.