GA. Villingili under monitoring status once again!

Photo: @VillingiliGA (Twitter)

Gaafu Aliff Atoll, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has once again placed Villingili, Gaafu Alif under monitoring status for Covid-19 inspection.

HPA announced that from 0900 hrs on Sunday, August 1, Villingili will be once again placed under monitoring status to further inspect the Covid-19 situation of the island.

Manager of GA. Atoll Hospital Ahmed Shareef informed local media outlet “Gaafu” that this step was taken after an employee from Kuddoo who travelled to Villingili tested positive for Covid-19. He noted that the individual has been out in the public prior to testing positive.

The island was first placed under monitoring on May 15 and several measures were implemented on the island since then. This included a 10-hour curfew in addition to baning parties, meetings and mass gatherings. While in monitoring, the island recorded over 400 cases of Covid-19 with one fatality.

After 72 days of monitoring the status was lifted after the island showed progress and promising results in eradicating the virus.

Maldives recently saw the biggest wave of Covid-19 to have hit the country since the pandemic began with a record number of daily cases on multiple days within a month. Alarmingly, the most recent case numbers indicate a higher positive rate in the islands while capital city Malé recovers. The numbers have now slowly started to decrease and citizens are advised to strictly obey HPA guidelines and remain at home as much a possible.