Electricity & water supply cut off in Fuvahmulah City!

Fuvahmulah Thundi is a famous beach covered with pebble like sand which is found only in Fuvahmulah, Maldives | Photo: Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah City, Maldives – Electricity and water supply has been cut off in Fuvahmulah City since 4:00 this morning.

The electricity providers in the area, Fenaka Fuvahmulah branch, informed in their community viber group that the electricity supply was cut off due to a problem with their main high voltage transformer.

They added that efforts are currently underway to bring a new transformer and that it will be brought from Addu City. They expect electricity to be available in the city atleast after 24 hours.

Transformers are not that easy to bring. We have to bring it from Addu City on a landing craft as it weighs 9-8 tonnes. A crane will also be needed for the transportation, and there are many more things which will be required to transport it.

Fenaka Fuvahmulah branch

In addition to this, Fenaka is currently providing power to a few houses at a low voltage. They informed that it is about 30 percent.