Travellers from Addu City to self isolate: Fuvahmulah City Council

Fuvahmulah Boardwalk at Bandaara Kilhi | Photo: Fuvahmulah.MV

Fuvahmulah City, Maldives – The Fuvahmulah City Council has requested for those who travelled from Addu City to Fuvahmulah City in the past 14 days to go into home isolation.

This request from the council comes as a protective measure following a number of positive cases being identified from Addu Atoll as many citizens from Fuvahmulah City travel Addu City frequently for medical purposes as well as other purposes.

The council advised any such traveller to isolate themselves at home and inform the relevant authorities. They also asked anyone to having symptoms of the disease to consult the flu clinic at once.

Till now, 18 positive cases have been identified related to the Hithadhoo cluster including some in Gdh. Thinadhoo as well. In addition to this, 25 expatriates have also tested positive for the disease from the MTCC site in Hulhumeedhoo. However, the random sampling results of Hulhumeedhoo came back negative.