Maldives remains on UK Red List

Tourists getting of a plane in Maldives | Photo: Maldives Insider

United Kingdom – Although the Covid-19 status has improved significantly since May 2021, Maldives remains in the UK Red List.

Currently, UK categorizes countries based on the pandemic situation with green, amber and red lists.

Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania and Norway are added to the green list and will not need to quarantine after arriving in England unless they are Covid-19 positive.

Meanwhile, countries like India, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE moved up from the red list to the amber list starting 8 August.

UK has also introduced an amber-plus list that the Maldives has a possibility to be on, however, as per the latest revision, only France made this list.

Travellers from the red list countries, including Maldives, will need to quarantine for 10 days in the UK, and undergo Covid-19 testing on the 2nd and 8th days. There will also be a surge in the costs starting 12 August for people over 13 years of age. Arrangements may be made for individuals who cannot afford to pay for facilities.

At present, Maldives has procured enough vaccine doses to inoculate the entire eligible population with two doses and have vaccinated 326,339 residents with the first dose, 278,469 with the second dose.

As for the Covid-19 statistics, 137 new cases were recorded yesterday with only 23 in the capital city Malé and 114 outside of the capital. 17 people are hospitalized in the country, while 2,566 cases are active.