Former CP Hussain Waheed questioned by Death Commission over prominent journalist Rilwan’s murder

Former Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed. | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Former Commissioner of Police, Hussain Waheed has been summoned to the Presidential Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances (DDCom) multiple times for questioning over the murder of journalist, Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla. 

Sources inform that Hussain Waheed is being accused of using his position to influence the investigation on Rilwan’s murder case. Hussain Waheed has been questioned multiple times by the DDCom for not making the Police carry out an appropriate on the disappearance of Rilwan.

When a Member of DDCom, Misbah Abbas was questioned regarding Hussain Waheed, he responded by noting that the DDCom does not reveal details of the people who are summoned to the commission and refrained from revealing any details regarding the investigation on Rilwan’s murder case.

While messages between Hussain Waheed and then Vice President, Ahmed Adheeb were released, the messages reveal that Hussain Waheed has highly influenced the Police to please Adheeb. This include of messages where Hussain Waheed states that they can take political advantage of Rilwan’s case, by saying that he last met a non-islamic person.

Rilwan disappeared on August 7, 2014, and was never seen or heard of since. The DDCOM, which was comprised of former Attorney General and current Supreme Court Justice Husnu Suood as chair along with Abdulla Munaz, Adam Ibrahim, lawyer Fareesha Abdulla and journalist Misbah Abbas, concluded that Rilwan was kidnapped and killed by a local affiliate of al-Qaeda.

Additionally, the commission concluded that those who organized and financed the abduction of Rilwan and murder of Rilwan’s friend and blogger, Yameen Rasheed were the same. However, justice is yet to be served.

President Solih earlier informed that Commission on Disappearances and Deaths has said that the investigation of the kidnapped and executed journalist, Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla will be completed with a full report of the case report this year.