Over 500 people from Thaa Atoll join new political party MNP

Members of Maldives National Party (MNP) | Photo: MNP

Male’, Maldives – Over 500 people from Thaa Atoll has joined the new political party of MP of Dhangethi Constituency, Mohamed Nazim, Maldives National Party (MNP).

While Thaa Atoll is included in the constituency of one of the founding members of MNP, MP for Thimarafushi Constituency, Abdullah Riyaz, he recently visited Thaa Atoll to campaign for the newly formed party.

MNP today announced that the forms over 500 people who joined the party has been given to MP Nazim. This includes of President of Hirilandoo Council, Mohamed Jalal and the former Vice President of Thaa Atoll Council, Hussain Ahmed as well.

On July 15, the Elections Commission gave approval to MP Ahmed Usham of Vilimalé constituency to form a political party in the name of Maldives National Party. The founding members of the party include Mohamed Nazim, Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla (Mostaa), Abdul Muhsin (J4) and Abdulla Riyaz.

The party applied with 3,000 signatures to form a political party as required and is set to become the party with the 3rd highest majority in the parliament. The supermajority of the parliament is MDP with 65 members and the PPM/PNV coalition comes second with 9 members.

Speaking at the MNP press conference on Independence Day, MP Mohamed Nazim said that the party will host primary elections and elect a presidential candidate for the upcoming 2023 elections and that he pledges to ensure that anything that might endanger the Independence and prosperity of the country will not be allowed in an MNP administration.

There are currently 10 political parties in the Maldives with Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s MRM being the latest. MP Nazim’s political party will become the 11th party in the Maldives