No foreign military allowed in Maldives during an MNP administration: MP Nazim

MP for Dhangathi Constituency, Mohamed Nazim. | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – MP of Dhangethi Constituency and co-founder of Maldives National Party (MNP) Mohamed Nazim on Monday, said that foreign military presence in Maldives will not be allowed in a MNP administration.

Speaking at a MNP press conference on Independence Day, MP Mohamed Nazim said that the party will host primary elections and elect a presidential candidate for the upcoming 2023 elections and that he pledges to ensure that anything that might endanger the Independence and prosperity of the country will not be allowed in a MNP administration.

There will be no chance for foreign military presence in a MNP administration.

MP of Dhangethi Constituency Mohamed Nazim

Along with this, MP Nazim said that the policy of MNP will be “Maldives first” and that if any current international agreement conflicts with this policy, they will either amend it in the best interest of the Maldivian citizens or terminate the agreement entirely.

Nazim said that although discussions regarding the agreements are not done in public or in the Parliament, there are unresolved concerns and that they are working with the relevant authorities to solve the issues.