Working with Interpol to bring fugitive Ali Waheed back to Maldives: Police

Alleged sexual predator and former Tourism Minister of Maldives Ali Waheed | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives — Maldives Police Service states that they are working with the Interpol to bring back the alleged sexual offender Ali Waheed, recently sentenced to jail by the Supreme Court of Maldives.

Police informed that they are doing everything necessary to bring Waheed back to Maldives to execute the Supreme Court jail sentence on him. The association revealed that they are also working through police to police cooperation to bring back Waheed.

The Supreme Court sentenced Ali Waheed to 2 months and 12 days in jail for contempt of court following his failure to attend his trial hearing scheduled at 13:00, Wednesday.

Following this, the Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) requested the police to bring back the fugitive currently residing in the United Kingdom through an official request on Thursday.

While the Maldives Police is exploring options to bring back the alleged sexual offender, no decisions have been made as of present. 

Ali Waheed was summoned to the Supreme Court of Maldives after the State appealed his case to the court after the High Court rejected the State’s initial appeal against allowing Waheed’s trial to continue virtually.

While virtual hearings are not the norm for Criminal Court, an exception was made to allow Ali Waheed’s hearing upon his request as he is in London for medical purposes.