Nasheed endorses candidates who support the parliamentary system

MDP Malé mayoral candidate Anas with President Solih and Speaker Nasheed on Rahvehi fathis campaign trail | Photo: Sun

United Kingdom – Speaker of the Maldives Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, earlier today, voiced his support for candidates who endorse a parliamentary governance system for the upcoming Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) internal elections.

While the internal elections for the ruling party MDP are scheduled for 25 September 2021, candidates have started their campaign activities. The MDP President Nasheed tweeted today stating that he supports all candidates who endorse the parliamentary system.

Of the candidates running for MDP internal elections, I support all candidates who support the Parliamentary System.

Mohamed Nasheed

At this time, a petition addressed to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, calling to change the governance system to a parliamentary system is being signed under the tutelage of MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bondey).

Nasheed has previously stated interest in becoming the Prime Minister of Maldives in June 2021. Speaking on the program “Ask Speaker” Nasheed said that he does not believe there will be a presidential election in 2023 and that the government system will change to a Parliamentary System before that, and the government will be made within the parliament. He added that he will request for his name to be included when the parliament appoints the prime minister.

Speaking on the matter, President Solih had previously stated that this was a decision that needs to be made by the general public and that he did not want to focus on anything other than completing a successful 5 year term in office. He also added that people had voted to have a presidential system back in 2007 when the new constitution was being made and that people had said no to a parliamentary system.