JUST IN: Opposition PG group enters President’s Office in protest

Opposition PG group enters President's Office over the leaked audio. | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – The Parliament members of the Opposition PPM/PNC party have left the parliament and reached the President’s Office over the leaked audio of the judges of the Criminal Court’s five-member bench stated that the sentence on Yameen was verdict by holding the judges “hostage”. 

The members of the two parties entered the President’s Office after protesting in the Parliament to accept the emergency motion submitted to the parliament regarding the leaked audio.

The Spokesperson for Opposition Coalition Heena Waleed informs that the parliamentarians are now waiting to meet the President. The Opposition MPs plan to request President Solih to resign and free former President Yameen.

While Opposition party MP for Naifaru Constituency, Ahmed Shiyam presented an emergency motion to the parliament regarding the leaked audio, MP for Makunudhoo Constituency, Mohamed Rae also presented an emergency motion today regarding the Navios Amaryllis, the Panama-flagged cargo ship that ran aground on the protected reef west of K. Rasfari.

As two emergency motions were presented to the Parliament on the same day, a draw was taken as instructed by the guidelines of the Parliament to decide on which emergency motion to debate first. As the draw came on favor to debate on MP Rae’s emergency motion, the Opposition MP members protested in the Parliament, calling out to debate on the leaked audio of the judges until they decided to take the issue to the President’s Office.