Noonu Atoll Council submits Transitional Justice case to investigate dubious island sales

Noonu Atoll President Basheer (R) on campaign trail | Photo: Twitter

Noonu Atoll, Maldives – The Noonu Atoll Council on Sunday revealed that the council intends to file a transitional justice case at the Ombudsperson’s Office to investigate questionable sales of islands in their jurisdiction.

The statement by the Atoll Council states that in the past, uninhabited islands were sold off without any information shared with the locals of the atoll and the revenue sources are unclear leading to islanders not benefiting from income from their own atoll districts.

In an unprecedented decision for decentralization, the Noonu Atoll Council has promised to find the revenue streams generating from the atoll and create a plan to share the revenue with the islanders.

In addition to the financial aspects, Noonu Atoll President Basheer also notes that investigating questionable licenses issued to resorts that harm the natural ecosystems in the islands is a major reason for the case. Basheer states that some resorts have reclaimed natural wetlands in the islands issued for resort development.

Noonu Atoll is home to a number of luxury resorts including Mӧvenpick Resort Kuredhivaru, Soneva Jani, Robinson Noonu, Noku Maldives and Sun Siyam Iru Fushi.