Nasheed ready to give statement regarding May Terror Attack

Mohamed Nasheed, Former President and Speaker of Parliament |

Malé, Maldives – Mohamed Nasheed’s lawyer Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar today sent a letter to the Prosecutor General (PG) expressing interest from the former President to give his statement regarding the terror attack targeting him.

The letter also stated that the current Speaker and former President wishes to give his statement before the completion of the preliminary hearings of suspects.

PG Hussain Shameem and CP Mohamed Hameed have both stated that Nasheed’s statement is imperative for the investigation for the May 6 attack, with CP Hameed requesting a written statement in the instance where providing a verbal statement proved difficult for the Speaker.

Earlier on August 16, the Speaker has expressed that while the Police inform that the May 6 attack investigation is currently in progress, he is hesitant to return to the country and assume official duties.

The IED explosion went off around 20:20 on 6 May leaving Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed critically injured while he was getting into his car near his house, G. Kenereege, Malé City. In addition to him, 3 more people were also been reported to be injured from the explosion including the Speaker’s bodyguards and bystanders.

Speaker Nasheed was treated at the Critical Care Unit of ADK hospital in Malé and was initially airlifted to Germany yesterday for recovery and rehabilitation. Presently, the Speaker of the Maldives Parliament is recovering in the United Kingdom.