Maldives government launches ‘Gov.Mv Message’ service

President Solih launches 'Gov.Mv Message' service | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives – The government of Maldives, today, launched the message service that allows the public to send documents digitally to government bodies.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih launched this service at an event held at the National Center for Information Technology (NCIT), attended by the Minister of Technology Aminath Shauna, cabinet ministers and other dignitaries.

The [ message service] portal will be used to file complaints, documents, letters at government agencies through the internet. This portal will unify all public to government communication under one system digitally instead of communicating with multiple agencies.

Technology Minister Shauna

Government E-Letter Management system (GEMS) was officially launched on 25th April 2010 as a form of digital communication for government offices.

This application is introduced to all government agencies to enable government offices to exchange communications electronically to make government administration more efficient, reduce costs, and improve the delivery of services. The system is currently used in 510 agencies across Maldives.

The message service is an addition that enables the public to communicate with the government agencies without having to physically submit documents using digital forms instead.

With this new system in place, people do not have to visit the offices, wait for office hours to submit documents and can check the status of applications online.