Parents protest amid flooding in Hirilandhoo School

Parents protest outside Hirilandhoo School | Photo: Thiladhun

Thaa Atoll, Maldives – Parents of Th. Hirilandhoo School have started protests in front of the school after the school flooded amid the monsoon rains.

Hirilandhoo School students’ parents refused to send the students to school after heavy flooding in the classrooms. About 70 percent of the school’s parents locked the school and are protesting outside the gates according to local news sources.

Reportedly, Hirilandhoo School floods with every monsoon rain causing disruption to student’s studies and property including school books. Parents have repeatedly requested a solution to this issue with no solution.

While infrastructure development for the Th. Hirilandhoo School was budgeted for both 2020 and 2021 no announcements have been made to initiate the project. Parents share concerns that other schools that are more structurally sound have infrastructure projects in progress while Hirilandhoo School has seen no progress.

Hirilandhoo Council President says that they have made multiple requests with the Education Ministry about the matter leading to the protests today.