Civil servants schedule silent on Sunday protest about unfair wages

Civil servants pictured in front of Velaanaage building | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – The Civil Servants of Maldives have planned a silent protest on Sunday against the low salaries and bonuses given to government employees.

The Maldives Maldives Civil Servants Association (MCSA) stated that the civil service employees will attend to work in black clothes as a sign of resistance and if the authorities do not pay heed to their warning, on Monday, 20 September 2021, the civil servants will stop work and protest.

26,668 employees represent 26,668 families. Why can’t we get similar living allowances as political appointees… We do all the work. Pay us our worth.

Maldives Maldives Civil Servants As

The association said that to date, the authorities have hidden behind excuses about salary frameworks, policies and the number of employees while consistently increasing the salaries of political appointees.

The majority of Maldives civil servants are women with 16,593 represented in the workforce.

As of this week, pilots of the national airline Maldivian, the leading government owned hospital IGMH and now the civil servants are protesting due to various financial reasons.