Civil Service Commission urges employees against participating in protests organized by unknown entities

Civil servants protest September 2021 | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has urged civil servants against taking part in protests organized by unknown groups, with regards to the civil servants protests taking place across Maldives.

The CSC released a statement saying that the commission itself has always worked towards the betterment of civil servants and the door of the commission is always open to listen to the concerns of civil servants.

The commission further cautioned the media to prioritize the greater peace and fact check information released by unregistered groups.

Civil Service Commission stated that the organization that initiated the civil servants protests across the country, Maldives Civil Servant’s Association, is unregistered. The CSC thereby urged all civil servants to not follow any directives given by this association.

The commission also urged the civil servants to conduct themselves in such a way that does not interfere with the daily services given by government offices. The statement thanked the civil servants for their services.

Local news reports earlier today said that civil servants at over 70 percent of government offices did not attend work today as part of the civil servants’ strike.

The Maldives Civil Servants Association has put forth demands including salary increase and similar bonuses as given to political appointees.