Solution is to restrict people without permits from entering the flat area: Mayor Nizar

Hithadhoo flat community Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – Mayor of Addu City, Ali Nizar stated this Saturday that the solution to violent attacks in the flat area Hithadhoo is to restrict people without permission from entering the flat area.

The statement from Mayor Nizar comes after a man was stabbed in the head with a local machete also known as “kathivalhi” inside the flats in Hithadhoo. The victim is to be be transported to Malé for further treatment due to his serious injuries after being taken to the Addu Hospital for emergency treatment.

Speaking at Council meeting, Mayor Nizar stated that it is concerning for the large amount of people residing in the flat area to live in constant fear due to the violent attacks. He noted that the attacks cannot simply be solved by installing security cameras in the area as the perpetrators would still have the option to hide their faces and attack people.

Noting that with the increasing security, the perpetrators would become more vicious, Mayor Nizar stated that the most clever thing to do is to restrict the people who are not living in the flats or those who they do not give permission from entering the flat area.

Mayor Nizar stated that it is the most efficient solution for the issue at present.