Maldivians trap, clip, sell migratory flamingos; EPA takes action

Flamingos flocks stop by Kulhudhuffushi Mangrove | Photo: Ahmed Abdul Rahman (Andhu)

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Police rescued one migratory flamingo that was trapped and placed on sale by a Maldivian local.

One of the men responsible has been detained by the authorities. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) informs that the man currently detained is the same individual who posted on a Viber group to sell the bird for MVR 30,000.

The flamingos were captured by locals when they stopped by HA. Baarah. EPA stated that the rescued flamingo was found with clipped wings, and is no longer able to fly away and continue the migratory journey with the rest of the flock.

Arrangements were made to rehabilitate the flamingo in Lh. Maakoa mangroves, a Protected Area currently under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence. The flamingo will be treated by a veterinarian from the local NGO Atoll Volunteers who will provide medical checkups to ensure that the bird stays healthy.

Upon learning of the violation and sale of the migratory flamingos, Baarah Island Council warned the islanders that such as act is illegal.

Earlier this month, EPA warned that this is migrating seasons for birds, insects and other species protected under the Protected Species Regulation (Regulation No. R-25/2021). The EPA statement also cautioned that perpetrators who harm any protected species will be penalized according to the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of Maldives (Law No. 4/93). If found guilty of such an act, the perpetrators will be fined between MVR 30,000 to MVR 50,000.

The authority also advises the public to report any information (pictures, details of the unlawful, details of the animal being harmed) on abuse to any protected species in the Maldives to the emergency hotline 7980379 with details or through email to .