900 year old Koagannu cemetery in Addu City vandalized

Damaged tombstone from Koagannu cemetery | Photo: Addulive

Addu City, Maldives – The historic tombstones at the Addu City, Meedhoo Koagannu cemetery have been vandalized sometime last night.

According to the Meedhoo Councillor Aminath Saliha the case have now been submitted to the Southern Area Police. The council has also asked for police assistance in monitoring the area.

It is challending to monitor the cemetery due to the lack of light in the [Koagannu] area.

The Councillor has stated that a quotation has now been prepared to fix lights in the area and will be installed tomorrow. In addition, communications are in progress with the relevant ministries to install CCTV cameras in the cemetery within the next year.

Saliha also stated that the destruction of the tombstones is connected to a previous vandalism attack on a tomb in the Koagannu cemetery. She urged the public to not take such actions regardless of whether for personal or political motives.

Koagannu was originally built with the purpose of burying the first Muslims from Addu City. The cemetery has time-honoured memories of royals of the Maldives that have been buried hundreds of years ago. In addition to this, the tombs showcase Arabic writings in the memory of those who had been buried hundreds of years ago.