Meedhoo community spaces vandalized

Swing destroyed and thrown into sea | photo: Siyad Ahmed

AdduCity, Maldives – Community spaces built by NalaFehi organisation in five areas of Meedhoo have been vandalized.

NalaFehi said that they have now reported the case to police about their community spaces being vandalized. Vice President of NalaFehi, Aminath Saliha said that the chairs, swing and benches placed in these spaces have been severely damaged. In addition to this, the swing recently placed in Meedhoo port area was also destroyed and thrown into the sea recently, she said.

Saliha explained that these community spaces were built by the NGO along with Meedhoo citizens for the development of Meedhoo with a lot of hard work and that she cannot think of a reason why someone should destroy these places. She also said that this was a well planned and deliberately committed crime. Many people in Meedhoo have raised their voice against this crime and asked for justice.

The vandalization of the community spaces has also been noticed by the police patrolling Meedhoo at night. This includes Lily Beack, Veraandu Park, Koagannu Park as well as swimming track area. These are all locations in which the community spaces were built and now destroyed. The case is now being investigated by Hulhumeedhoo Police station.

One NGO taking initiative and working hard towards the protection of Meedhoo environment is NalaFehi, and they have recently cleaned many congested areas in Meedhoo and turned them into community spaces. NalaFehi organisation built these community spaces in Meedhoo long before the development of beaches in other islands of Addu and hence they set an example for the rest of Addu.