Pres. Solih open to amending the constitution for governance system change: Nasheed

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker of Parliament, Former President Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Avas Online

India – The Speaker of the Maldives Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has said that the incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has suggested finding an amicable solution to the governance system change and making amendments to the constitution.

The President has suggested that we should have these discussions and see how we can amicably find a solution and where we can make amendments to the Constitution.

Mohamed Nasheed

Nasheed stated this during an interview with Indian news outlet The Hindu. The Speaker further said that the Maldivian Constitution (2008) was originally drafted for a parliamentary form of government resulting in the creation of two power centers.

“We have run this Constitution for the last 12, 13 years now, and it is obvious that it has contradictions. What I am suggesting is a manner in which we can share power with the Parliament and the Executive. And to see that there are no two power centers. And that governance is streamlined and smooth,” said Nasheed.

Nasheed said that even if he contested in the next presidential elections it would be to change to a parliamentary system. The former President Nasheed stated that his rationale for any political contest would be to get a mandate to change.