Teacher sexually abuses multiple students at Malé school

Anti-rape protest in Malé city | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – The Ministry of Education today informed that a teacher employed at a school in the capital city Malé has been suspended after reports of sexual abuse of multiple students at the school.

The Education Ministry states that the teacher has been suspended until the administrative investigation is complete.

Maldives Police Service has confirmed that a case of a teacher sexually abusing students was filed on Tuesday. The Police refrained from releasing further details as the investigation is still ongoing.

10 days ago, the case of a female teacher abusing a 4 year old girl at a preschool in Malé was reported.

11 days ago, police confirmed that they were investigating a sexual abuse case of an 11 year old. A 37 year old Maldivian male was arrested in relation to the crime.