Police investigate neonatal death at AEH

Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH) | Photo: Sun

Addu City, Maldives – The Maldives Police Service stated today that they are investigating a neonatal death case at the Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH).

The Police state that they began the investigation into the case after it was reported yesterday, 13 November 2021.

A baby passed away after birth at AEH in the early hours of Saturday morning. While the baby’s family state that the hospital is negligent, the hospital state that the baby’s death was a case of shoulder dystocia where when one of the baby’s shoulders got stuck inside the mother’s pelvis during birth.

Shoulder dystocia puts the baby and mother’s life at risk.

AEH Hospital

The tertiary hospital state that while the baby was delivered and resuscitated, the baby passed away shortly after. AEH statement reads that the hospital reviews cases such as this and studies areas to be corrected in an effort to ensure best practice.

Reportedly, the mother was transferred from GDh. Vaadhoo to Addu City as there was no anesthesiologist present at the closest GA. Vilingili Hospital.