Islamic Ministry files police case for playing Christian religious song at public event

Islamic Minister of Maldives Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali. | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Maldives, today filed a police case against Clique College for playing Christian songs at a public event.

At a kids sports festival held at the Hulhumalé central park, local tertiary education institution, Clique College played a Christian religious song during a martial arts program.

The song lyrics included the words “We believe in Jesus, We believe in Holy Spirit.”

[The Islamic Ministry has] filed the case of a Christian religious song played at an event held at the Hulhumalé Central Park at the police as a very serious matter. [We will] take legal action against organizers for such activities.

Ministry of Islamic Affairs

Clique College maintains that the song accidentally auto-played from a playlist and the organizers immediately changed the song upon realizing that it was a Christian religious song.

The college states that the institution does not promote Christianity.

The constitution ratified in 2008 designates Islam as the official state religion, and the government and many citizens at all levels interpreted this provision to impose a requirement that all citizens be Muslims. The Religious Unity Act (Act No. 6/94) prohibits the practice by citizens of any religion other than Islam.